Lovinder Gill

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching screenwriting classes at some amazing colleges and universities over the last 20 years and have seen screenwriters struggle with the following problems over and over again. I’ve created this podcast for those of you who struggle with these very same issues.

Most people think that anything with a beginning, middle and end qualifies as a screenplay idea. It doesn’t. They think that writing something exactly like it happened in real life is what screenwriter’s do. They don’t. They think that action movies just have action and horror movies just have horror and romantic movies just have romance. None of these thoughts are accurate.

The fact of the matter is that screenwriting is a craft and you need to learn to hone that craft. After teaching thousands of students over the years, there are many issues that screenwriters commonly have that are quite clear to me. This podcast is an attempt to nip those issues in the bud and give screenwriters a deeper insight into the heart of screenwriting.

I hope that this podcast will, in some small way, help you develop your idea into a multi-dimensional story. Please note that I will not cover screenplay formatting and and other elements like this. If you need help with any formatting issues, google it. I want to focus on issues that aren’t quite as google-able.

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